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High-Performance USA VPS (Linux/Windows/RDP)

A dedicated hosting service, dedicated servers, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the clients leases an entire servers not shared with anyone else.

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Intrinsicly actualize out-of-the-box niche markets for backward-compatible web services.

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Receive $100 for Microsoft Advertising and $100 for Google Ads when you spend your first $25


Start with what you need and move to more powerful options as your website grows.


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Powered by Let’s Encrypt, each SSL Certificate provided helps secure the connection between websites.


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Our experts are always available and provide fast technical support.

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SSH and Root Access

Allowing you to customize, configure, and manage your server according to your unique requirements.


Non-branded cPanel and Private DNS upgrade for better server name branding.


24/7/365 Support

Our experts are always available and provide fast technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A VPS runs its copy of an operating system, and customers may have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS. For many purposes, they are functionally equivalent to a dedicated physical server, and being software-defined, can be much more easily created and configured. They are priced much lower than an equivalent physical server, but as they share the underlying physical hardware with other VPSs, performance may be lower and may depend on the workload of other instances on the same hardware node.


If you are looking for a cloud server to improve your workflow, or looking to host unlimited websites, Virtual Private Servers are the perfect solution for you. You can use your VPS for high-performance web hosting, with dedicated resources your websites can’t be affected by the load or traffic of other customers on the shared web hosting plans.

Websites hosted on a Shared Hosting environment have access to a shared pool of server resources available to a single physical or virtual server. Because of the nature of this setup, certain limitations and restrictions apply to the amount of resources each user can allocate for a specified period.

Although the concept of sharing resources makes the Shared Hosting service very cost-efficient for the end user, some high-traffic and resource-demanding websites and applications may require more than the available fair-share resources or a more flexible setup and configuration that is not suitable for a shared environment.

For such projects, the Virtual Private Server provides an excellent alternative by being much more affordable than a fully dedicated server and far more powerful performance-wise than a typical shared hosting service.

Additionally, customers may have superuser-level access to the operating system instance, create unlimited hosting accounts, install almost any software that runs on that OS and freely allocate all the available server resources without affecting or being affected by other customers’ websites.

Usually, an unmanaged service means that you are provided with access to a specific hosting environment (whether a dedicated or a virtual server) with minimal configuration and setup. Having such service provided as-it-is means that you will need to install, configure, and maintain all software and technical aspects (including monitoring and security updates) by yourself. Furthermore, the unmanaged service usually includes no technical support and control panel or such are provided as a paid service. In general, unmanaged services are recommended for very experienced users with lots of technical knowledge who prefer to manage all the aspects of their infrastructure on their own.

On the other hand, with the FastComet Fully Managed service you will receive fully setup and optimized server with a powerful web-based control panel. Additionally, our 24/7 Technical Support will take care of your server security, optimization and help you with any technical issues you may face completely free of charge. You can check the full list of Technical Support Services for more information on our Fully Managed Service.

VPS is a virtual machine create from a physical servers. A dedicated server is a physical machine without a virtualization layer.

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